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About David A Freeman

Having begun my life career in a small Midwestern City within the "Land of Lincoln" (IL) and then relocating to the Scenic City area known as Chattanooga, TN in the early 1970's, I developed a sincere interest in the ever changing world of Real Estate at a young age. This started during my teenage years while attending the local Red Bank High School and evolved into a daily passion while I began my (25) year work career at Provident Life & Accident Insurance Company in 1979 and while attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. In 2004, I finally took the opportunity given to me to pursue a full-time career as a Realtor, and after successfully passing the required licensing courses and state exam, I began my life long passion of being a professional Realtor in 2005. Along the way, I have had the opportunity to work with many interesting Buyer and Seller clients to help them achieve their next desired place for calling home, whether it was as a first time home buyer or as a seasoned homeowner wanting to downsize and/or relocate. In all situations, I make my clients my first individual priority during the time in which we are working together so that our aligned goals based on their individual wants and desires are successfully realized and so that my valued clients feel that they are in a position to confidently send me additional future referral clients who are looking to sell their current residence or buy a new home. This being said, I would appreciate the opportunity to have a discussion with you as to why you should make the informed decision to work with Realtor David Freeman and SquareOne Real Estate to help realize all of your home selling or buying goals.